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How to update the Firmware on the UT Tool

  1. Install the Update Program
    To update the gauge you will need to install the Cygnus Mk5 Surface Gauge Updater on your computer, the current software version is v2.14. You will only need to do this once.

You can get the installer package from Cygnus UK or download it from the Cygnus Website. On the Website click on ‘Support’ on the top menu then click on the ‘Technical Software’ link, you will see a link to ‘M5 Surface Gauge Updater’ which will download the EXE file.

This is a self-extracting EXE file so just run the file you have downloaded;

• When prompted click [Setup] to start installing.. • During installation when prompted just click [Next] to proceed • You will have to choose to accept the License Agreement too, then click [Next]

[If you have download a ZIP file instead extract the contents to a temporary location then Run the ‘setup’ file.]

  1. Download the Gauge Firmware
    You will need the correct Gauge Firmware for your gauge, this will be provided by the Tracktreads Support Team.
  2. Updating the Gauge’s Firmware, please see the PDF attachment and follow the steps.

Should you have any issues do not hesitate to contact us.

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