Other Observations

Along with specific component measurements, there are a variety of general observations that you should consider when inspecting equipment. Many of these are listed here, but your own knowledge of, and experience with the equipment should be used to identify anything that may be incorrect or abnormal.

Check for Bush Interference with the Rollers
Check for wear patterns which could indicate the bush contacting the Track or carrier rollers due to excessive wear.

Correct Chain Direction Installation
Check chain to ensure it is installed in the correct direction – (Pin is forward).

Overall Track Tension

Noisy chain
Listen for abnormal noises, squealing which could indicate dry pins and bushes.

Machine Balance
Look at machine arrangement, blade and ripper and overall balance of machine, in light of the application in which the machine is operating.

Appropriate Shoe configuration for environment
Look at the undercarriage and the application in which the machine is operating, ensure the correct shoes for application, then look at grouser rise heights.

Temperature of Final Drive
Use a thermal heat gun to check the temperature of final drive. Especially in cases of a tright track.

Idler Rise Height (high drive machines only)
Check the Idler rise height and the level of scalloping on links if present.

Scalloping Measurement
Measure the scalloping according to the video included. Also check the Idler Rise Height.

Leaking Rollers
Check for leaks which will lead to dry rollers in future.

Oil leaks from cracks in the track frame
Check the frame for cracks where the oil can leak out.

Oil Leaks in the main pivot shaft
Check both left and right pivot shaft for oil leaks. This may require looking in behind the track.

Cannon cylinder leaks

Missing bolts and caps
Check for missing or loose bolts on the shoes, roller housings and chain guides.

Missing or worn guides
Check for missing guides and the condition of the guides.

Loose or missing segment bolts
Check for missing or loose bolts and ensure correct fitments of bolts and washers. See video for further information.

Condition of Bogie pads
Look at the condition of the bogie pads for each track roller assembly.

Equaliser Bar Pin condition
Look at the condition wear or potential damage to the Equaliser bar and pins on both left and right side.

Check for Chain Indicator History
All the metal on the undercarriage has a history and tells a story. Where there is silver metal or obvious wear, there will be a reason, and this reason must be found and reported. Check for Chain interference, Flange wear and damage on idlers, bushes, links and rollers, and any flat spots.

Check condition of master link, split link and adjoining hardware

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